One App

All your Work in one Place

Struggling under an avalanche of emails, IMs and docs stored all over the place? Make it easier. With Team-One you can chat, take notes, track tasks and share files in easily organized workspaces.

Team-One is integrated with over 50 other popular apps.

Have apps unique to your business? Connect them easily with our out-of-the box Connectors, Rest APIs and Widget APIs.

Collaboration Superpowers
Never worry about being out of touch or out of sync.

Have something to say?
Click-to-call and have live meetings right from your Team-One workspace.

Ever need to sync up quickly?
Drag and drop files then share and search in and across workspaces.

Need privacy?
Use direct messages in personal and 1-to-1 workspaces.

Working openly across companies with partners and customers?
Invite your external team members to join and share.

This is How Team-One Can Help Your Business

Fewer Tools to Buy and Manage
All-in-one solution reduces costs and eliminates the burden of managing multiple apps.

Prevent Information Loss
Organizing company info in logical workflows lets you retrieve valuable business data fast.

Improve Customer Relationships
The ability to fully collaborate with third parties fosters a more collaborative relationship.

Get Everyone on the Same App
Integrate with the business apps of your choice, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Email and more.

Manage Valuable Resources
Improving worker productivity with well organized material helps regain up to 1/3 of your work week.