Partner With Us

Referral Program

Refer your client to Spokeip. We respond with a complete value discovery and demonstration of all Cisco product and then do all the follow up. We will utilize all resources to close the opportunity for you and then pay the referral fee quickly. Referral fee’s are equal to the first month billing. We do all the work!! Just send over the winning opportunity!

Channel Partner Program

What a wonderful time for you to take ownership to the client…contact us now for an opportunity to maximize your long term Return on Investment. You won the business and the revenue stream.. We can show you how to achieve 30%-50% profit margin on all deals. This will maximize your profits on your hard won deal. You will have full access to all training modules from Spokeip. You will be given an opportunity to develop a complete sales program for your employees by utilizing our team. We want you to bring the greatest technologies available to the client and insure with our support a complete review of the client needs…The market is exploding, be sure to make the most of the opportunity!

Billing and Compensation Life Cycle Support

Spoke utilizes Logisense to automate all critical life cycle touch pints for you client. We create opportunities for your client to receive in-depth cost accounting regarding their billing. From welcome emails to invoice and payment readiness, your client will be treated with a professional back office support team. Logisense provides PCI compliant payment solutions for all Pay Now or Auto Pay functions for accepting credit card and ACH payments online. They provide the complete back end support that your client requires for ongoing care and support.

Logisense also provides the automation required for your firm to view all customer payments and in turn your agreed compensations. All automation provides for a seamless and exciting ongoing relationship with Spokeip and your clientele. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but gives you added support in your quest to complete the transactions with your enterprise clients.