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Technology service providers often interact with clients using either in-house sales representatives or intermediaries. A significant portion, around 35%, of telecom and technology services are procured through intermediaries like Spoke IP, as clients value the expertise of a neutral advisor. In our role as intermediaries, we can assist you throughout the entirety of your procurement process, including ongoing support.

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Purchasing Technology from us is the best way to get started.

Here’s how it works.


We’ll meet to discuss what you’re looking for, your setup, and what you want to achieve. Then, we’ll use our big list of over 350 service providers to pick out the best options for you. We’ll always explain why we think these choices are the right fit for you.


After we’ve picked some options, we’ll talk with those providers. Some clients prefer to lead these talks, while we’re there in the background to give advice. Others prefer us to take charge and only involve them when it’s really important.


We’ll come up with an initial price and go over it with you. If we need more details, we’ll talk to the providers and make sure everything is clear.


Once we know exactly what you need, we’ll use our data to make sure you get the best price from the providers. We’ll use deals, competition, and our knowledge of big contracts to make sure you get the best terms.


We’ll work with you to decide what parts of the project you’ll handle and what you want us to do. We can be as involved as you need us to be.


From start to finish, we’ll be there to help with any changes or problems. As we get to know your setup better, we can make buying new technology even easier.

Maintaining Direct Connection

Your dealings, including contracts, invoices, engineering, and repairs, remain directly with the service provider. You won’t lose any control or visibility you currently have; instead, you’ll gain an extra layer of support.

Preserving Account Dynamics

We aim to earn your trust and business each day. While many clients rely on us as their main point of contact for all inquiries, you can always reach out directly to the provider’s sales, support, and engineering teams just as if you were dealing with them directly.

Some clients appreciate the time-saving benefits, comparisons, and proposals we offer, but also wish to maintain relationships with their vendor sales representatives. Many service providers understand this preference and allow brokers and direct sales reps to collaborate in supporting you.

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