Powerful Data Protection

Automatically preserve, protect, and retrieve your critical business communications

Tightly integrated with Intermedia Unite, this archiving solution automatically preserves chats, SMS, phone calls, voicemails and more without requiring any user or administrative action. It’s fast and easy to deploy and provides a powerful contextual search capability of retained communications based on a view of all users across different channels.

Why Businesses Need Archiving


Proactively retain and monitor business communications and interactions in an automatically preserved, secure and tamper-proof archive. Retention options support financial services and healthcare regulatory requirements, as well as internal governance.

Peace of Mind

Automatic, secure, tamper-proof preservation of communications protects organizations when unexpected challenges arise. Businesses using Intermedia’s integrated archiving solution can take comfort in knowing that their data will be available if and when they need it.

Disputes & Best Practices

Review and resolve “who said what” disputes quickly and efficiently (e.g., HR or customer disputes). Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve company standards and customer care. Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance. Rescue defecting customers.

Finding Critical Communications

Instructions, proposals, recommendations, agreements and contracts are all examples of important information included in and referenced by internal and external business interactions. Archiving allows users to keep a record of communications sent and received, which helps ensure they have a copy of messages and associated documents stored safely without requiring users or administrators to save them. In addition, powerful contextual search helps locate and retrieve messages and documents quickly.


Staff turnover, medical/family/military leave, and organizational changes all create situations where digital conversations need to be preserved and searchable to support transitions. Intermedia’s archiving solution protects communications for all users, making it simple for an administrator to manage transitions of responsibility and make information available to the right users.

Archiving Capabilities

  • Seamless integration with Unite: Designed for Unite and deploys in minutes with everything needed to enable compliant retention for Unite communications.
  • Automatic preservation of Unite communications: Captures and retains chat and SMS messages, call records, phone call recordings and voicemails.
  • Security: Data is uploaded securely and encrypted in transit and at rest with multi-factor authentication to protect access and limit export to authorized users.
  • Retention: Choose to store data for as long as the business case requires – with retention options ranging up to ten years.
  • Unlimited capacity*: Administrators are not forced to estimate the level of activity for their organization or project storage requirements – administrators simply enable the archive and select the desired retention period.
  • Fast, powerful contextual search: Indexes both content and metadata, so millions of files can be queried using dozens of properties in seconds. Search on text, chat names, participants, call duration, source, attachments, and many more attributes.
  • Compliance: Supports HIPAA, FINRA and MiFID II compliance programs, with optional WORM tamper-proof media storage to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4.
  • Data residency: Supports US, Canadian and European locations.

Archiving Search Features